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Dr. Nanci's Favorites
"These are a few of my favorite products. I make small commission when you use my affiliate link. I appreciate your support!" - Dr. Nanci 

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Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Increases body temperature to help kill virues, bacteria and more. Aids in detoxification, energy production, parasympathetic nervous system activation, and more.

Use "GoNatural100" to save $100. 

Mito Red Light

Red light therapy benefits include skin aging reversal, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and more.

PureEffect Water Filters

Filter out everything unwanted from viruses to heavy metals to pesticides/herbicides and more! 


Navage Nasal Care

A super-effective way of clearing viruses and allergens from nasal passages. 

Wild Pastures

Wild Pastures

Get grass-fed and pasture-raised meat at an amazing price. All raised in the USA using sustainable practices. 

Save $20 on your first purchase.
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Funk It Wellness

Support healthy menstrual cycles with seed cycling! Eating specific seed during the follicular and luteal phases of your cycle can help improve hormone balance and reduce negative menstrual symptoms. 

Save 15% on your first purchase.
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