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Prospective Patients:

As a Naturopathic Doctor in Oregon, Dr. Nanci was able to search out the cause behind patient's chronic symptoms.  She's now back in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and is excited to share her knowledge.  Skilled at educating her patients on how to take back their health, Dr. Nanci is ready to empower you too!  

If you miss feeling well and energetic, schedule a free consultation "meet and greet" with Dr. Nanci today.  It only takes 15 minutes by phone and could be the first step to your best health!

Current Patients:


Easily schedule appointments online or by phone.

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Access patient summaries, upload documents such as blood work, and/or confidentially email Dr. Nanci.


Order recommended products as well as beauty care, household, and other naturopathic-grade products.

Our practice is not able to accept insurance but we do accept a variety of payment methods.  Contact us for more details about payment options for Cleveland Natural Health.

Cleveland Natural Health is located in the Beachwood area of Ohio.  If you work or live in the areas of Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, Orange, Cleveland or in the surrounding areas, come see us!

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