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Nanci Miklowski, ND, MEd

Dr. Nanci became interested in naturopathic and functional medicine after years of dealing with her own health issues. She struggled with digestive issues, chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, and intensely painful periods since a young age. She quickly became discouraged with conventional medicine since she could never get an answer for my symptoms. The only option she was offered were prescriptions, which often didn’t help or caused other symptoms. She lost all hope when she told her doctor that cutting out certain foods improved her symptoms and was told it was likely a coincidence. This is when she started looking for other solutions.

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When Dr. Nanci discovered naturopathic medicine, she knew it was not only the right fit for her health problems but she wanted it to be her career. She is extremely passionate about helping women who struggle with digestive concerns and hormone imbalances get the answer to why they are experiencing their symptoms. She helps her patients find the root cause of their health concerns with assistance of functional medicine labs and then provides natural solutions so they can finally feel better.  

Dr. Nanci lives in the Cleveland area to be close to friends and family. Although she lives in Ohio, many of her patients live in other states (learn more here). When she's not working, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her partner, daughter, and dog. 


  • Graduated with naturopathic doctorate (ND) from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon.

  • Completed 1-year mentorship at the NUNM SIBO Center for Digestive Health, founded by Drs. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Allison Siebecker. 

  • Completed a residency at Portland Natural Medicine with focus on digesstive issues and chronic fatigue.

  • Became a Certified Mold-Literate practitioner through training with Dr. Jill Crista.

  • Worked as an independent contractor at Brie Wieselman Integrative Health with a focus on using functional medicine to balance digestive and hormonal imbalances. 


          Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association                                                   California Naturopathic Doctors Association


Allison Occkial, FMCHC, CHN

Allison is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, and Functional Medicine Health Coach, working in the field since 2008. She works with clients from all over the U.S. Her services include complete wellness plans, nutrition and exercise programs, and functional medicine health coaching.

Her specialties include working with women who struggle with chronic stress, low energy, hormone imbalances, and thyroid and adrenal health issues. She believes in helping others reclaim their body and their health from a holistic, inside out approach. Through personalized programs and coaching, clients are able to look, feel and function at their personal best. She assists with "how" to implement Dr. Nanci's diet and lifestyle recommendations. 

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She is based out of the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area and offers virtual services nationwide. She has specialized training and experience in Functional Nutrition, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Corrective Exercise, Mind-Body Wellness, and Holistic Clean Living.

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