About Nanci Miklowski, MEd, ND

Nanci Miklowski, ND takes the time to find the root cause of your health concerns using natural and holistic medicine.  She asks "why" and she doesn't give up! She specializes in digestive health and all of the symptoms that come along with an unbalanced gut like fatigue, headaches, rashes, and more.  Schedule online today to take back your power and find healing!
I have always been passionate about living naturally even though it wasn't always through natural medicine. Ever since I became aware of my impact on the Earth during elementary school (thanks to my amazing teachers!), I committed myself to making environmentally conscious choices and encouraging others to do the same. I wanted to pass on my enthusiasm to the next generation and this led to my decision to become a middle school earth science teacher.
During my time as a teacher, I began to realize that living naturally was having an impact on my health. I had struggled with several ailments since I was a teen. One of the first steps to improving my health was practicing yoga and it was with my yoga group that I completed my first cleanse. This was an “ah ha” moment for me. I noticed significant improvement in my health after completing the cleanse. This prompted me to initiate major changes to my every day diet. I finally realized how living and eating naturally improved my well-being while concurrently honoring the environment.
While discussing this revelation with a member of my yoga group, she mentioned how her naturopathic doctor (ND) had helped her improve her health even more. A naturopathic doctor? I had never heard of one. She gave me a brief description and I was intrigued. This prompted much reading and research through which I learned that NDs assist people in healing and help prevent potential future illnesses with natural remedies like nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. I appreciated that their main goal was not to just treat symptoms, but to find the root cause of those symptoms. 


One of the main principles of naturopathic medicine is “docere”, which means the doctor helps educate and empower their patients so they can be in control of their own health. I was fascinated! I finally found something that married my love for education with my passion for natural health. After much reflection, I decided to change careers and enroll in naturopathic college in Portland, Oregon. I recently relocated my clinic to Cleveland, Ohio, and my hometown, to be near family.  I am excited to have the opportunity to bring my naturopathic medical knowledge to Beachwood and our neighboring communities.
I graduated from the accredited National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. While in medical school, I had the privilege of completing an internship at the NUNM SIBO Center for Digestive Health, founded by Drs. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Allison Siebecker. I also completed several gastroenterology electives taught by Dr. Sandberg-Lewis who authored the medical textbook Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional Digestive Disorders. These experiences have greatly impacted the way I approach gut health and healing.
Upon finishing my doctorate degree, I completed a residency at a local naturopathic medical clinic in Portland. Under the Oregon licensing laws I was able to practice as a primary care provider, similarly to how MDs practice in most states. While I worked with a broad scope of ailments, the majority of the patients sought my care for digestive issues and chronic fatigue.
Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association (OHNDA)
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
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NDs in Ohio

Although there are currently 20 states that have licensing laws for NDs, Ohio is not yet one of them. There are many NDs licensed in other states who practice in Ohio and we are trying to initiate licensure legislation, like Pennsylvania recently passed. Until licensure is established in Ohio, NDs licensed in other states are unable to practice medicine in Ohio. Despite this, I maintain a license through California and I am able to use my education and experience to make natural health recommendations. It is important, though, that anyone who seeks my advice be under the care of a licensed medical doctor and discuss the recommendations before implementing them.



I highly recommend Dr. Nanci Miklowski!! She was such a refreshing change from traditional practitioners because she never made me feel rushed, intently listened to my concerns, asked questions that showed she understood me, and didn’t trivialize any of my issues. She is a wealth of knowledge and shared excellently matched advice and treatment options for me. I love how she listens holistically and includes many opinions for solutions that are in my best interest for lifelong health. I have been a patient for a few years now and have referred my family and best friends to Dr. Miklowski. I just wish Ohio was more progressive and valued naturopathic medicine the way the West Coast does.

S. F. - Kirtland, OH

Dr. Miklowski is passionate about helping others reach optimal health. She takes her time to thoroughly go through your medical history to understand the best approach to meet your goals. She is educated and ready to help you achieve your best health. She is much needed in this area. You will not be disappointed! I highly recommend you see her.

K.W. - Wickliffe, OH

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Nanci first became a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in Oregon and is proud to be a part of the natural medical community here in Ohio.  She has relocated her clinic to Cleveland and has two offices that serve the needs of patients in the areas of Beachwood, Orange, Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, Chardon, Burton and the greater Cleveland area. Virtual naturopathic wellness consultations are available for other areas of Ohio and beyond.

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